About ACE


  • Annals of Clinical Epidemiology (ACE) is a peer-review journal published by the Society for Clinical Epidemiology (SCE).
  • The aim of ACE is to contribute to the mission of the SCE though publishing scientific papers. Manuscripts that matches the aim of ACE can be submitted by healthcare professionals who have clinical and research mind, regardless of clinical fields.

COMMENTS by Editor in Chief

December 1, 2018

Inaugural Message from the Editor-in-Chief

With profound pleasure and humility, I celebrate the launch of the new journal Annals of Clinical Epidemiology (ACE), published by the Society for Clinical Epidemiology. On behalf of the members of the Editorial Board, I thank all who have volunteered to contribute to the launch of the journal and extend a warm welcome to the readership of ACE.

ACE provides an international forum to advance and disseminate scientific knowledge on clinical epidemiology and exchange information on cutting-edge technology in multidisciplinary scientific fields relating to clinical studies. ACE also provides a great opportunity for clinicians to immerse themselves in clinical studies and to publish research that is expected to have a significant impact on clinical practice.

ACE is committed to publishing manuscripts that have received recommendations of high priority through the review process. Authors of manuscripts with medium priority will be requested to extensively revise their manuscripts according to the reviewers’ constructive and educational comments, and the acceptance of these manuscripts will be judged on a case-by-case basis. ACE will also periodically issue special educational papers to reinforce knowledge in areas of clinical epidemiology for young researchers.

ACE aims to be the leading journal for clinical epidemiology. ACE will publish high-quality, up-to-date, original contributions. We appreciate any papers that will substantially contribute to the success of ACE.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to ACE.

Dr. Hideo Yasunaga
Annals of Clinical Epidemiology